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`Emptiness and luminosity, the nature of mind, are inseperable from awareness'

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10 Akerley, Unit 52, Burnside

Golf Training Year Round

Golf can heal us. Lessons are now available; hit the button above to book.

Because of three months of no lessons, the book is filling. Golfers with gift certificates and pre-paid series will be accommodated first. If you are in that category and cannot find a time, call 902-450-0111.

Only at Awareness Golf in Burnside, the new K-Coach

click here for more information on KCoach Call 902-450-0111

Ed’s book, The Guru in your Golf Swing is now in bookstores. It can also be ordered online at in the US, or in Canada, hardcopy or Kindle.

"A must read, filled with the kinds of insights that can make a difference"Mike Hebron, 1991 PGA Teacher of the year, Golf Digest top 50 teacher

"Read it and discover that you can work on your mind to play better golf, but you can also use golf to awaken your mind"Dr Joe Parent, PGA Tour Coach and author of #1 best seller ZEN GOLF:Mastering the Mental Game

For a nice review of the book in Atlantic Books Today, click here

For a Golf Digest article showing the benefits of meditation for golfers, hit here

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Body intelligence and mental strength through Deep Practice: feedback, knowledge, systematic improvement for all levels. We're about training, not entertaining. This is not golf-in-a-box, it is scientifically based learning. Our 19th year

About Ed Hanczaryk

Ed is a PGA teaching professional, US and Canada, with 33 years of experience, and a Zen Golf Certified Instructor specializing in mindfulness based stroke reduction. Named Top 50 Teacher in Canada by the Canada Post, voted by his peers as Eastern Canada's Teacher of the Year four consecutive years.

The real secret of education is respecting the student- Emerson

The TRAPPER. Hit piercing irons



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 Directions to Ed's Golf Studio:

10 Akerley, Unit 52, Dartmouth/Burnside