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December Hours:

Tuesday through Friday, 10 to 4, Saturday, 9 to 1

(Hours will change in January when the clinics start)

Range session: $12, ten pass: $99, taxes in. (save $20 over one-off sessions)



Indoor Golf Studio

Check out our state-of-the-art technology



Have you tried "almost everything" to fix your game and are still asking yourself these questions?

  • Why am I coming over the top?
  • How do I get rid of this slice?
  • Why are my drives lacking distance?                                                         
  • Why is my ball flight so inconsistent?
  • Can I ever stop popping pain relievers before I play?

The Answers Might Surprise You.

K-TRAINER uses wireless sensors, located on your hips and shoulders,  to more effectively diagnose the true cause of accuracy and distance issues. Once a swing has been captured, a certified professional can analyze and communicate your swing efficiency or "power signature" to you. In other words, the system analyzes the specific areas of your address, backswing or downswing that are holding you back.

The best part of the K-VEST experience is that your professional can then provide you with real-time visual and auditory feedback to reinforce correct movements. This feedback accelerates the learning process to get you playing better-in less time. This process builds repeatable skills and lasting results.

If you are interested in fixing the true problems in your swing, K-VEST has an established network of certified professionals that can help you increase distance, improve accuracy, and most importantly, lower your scores!





 While the KVest measures body motion in 3D, the Flightscope measures ball and club motion, also in 3D. This is the same technology used on tour, and owned by Ernie Els, Jason Dufner, and many other tour players for feedback when they practice. 


The BodiTrak Shift System; Track your weight shift and Center of Pressure, then use it as a learning tool for one of golf's fundamentals, Balance


The V1 Video Playback System

 Used by Tiger Woods, and many top Schools, split screen playback that can be sent to the student for review


2012/2013  marks the 16th year that thousands of golfers have trained indoors at Ed’s Golf Studio! Located at:


10 Akerley, Unit 52 (Around to the back)


Our clients have won every major and most minor tournaments in Nova Scotia, have received scholarships to major golf universities, and have enjoyed a break from winter in the process.


  • Launch monitors
  • Putting greens
  • video playback
  • And world-class instruction
  • For beginners to tournament golfers
join a group program, or take a private lesson or Supervised Practice
The TRAPPER. Hit piercing irons