Awareness Golf

`Emptiness and luminosity, the nature of mind, are inseperable from awareness'

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Junior Program

Beginner and intermediate junior program call 902-450-0111 for more information

Competitive junior program call 902-450-0111 for more information

Winter Training for Juniors

Welcome PGA Menbers David Perry and Jim Ogilvie, experienced junior leaders

Private lessons: $49+hst, 45 minute lesson

Series of three: $119

Group sessions:

Once a week, after school classes

  • Use of Flightscope
  • Use of KVest
  • 4D Motion
  • Video
  • Science based learning
  • Mental game training
  • Short-game work
  • $210 when you committ to 6 dates, After 6 weeks, option to go longer

This young golfer has a few years to wait

The TRAPPER. Hit piercing irons



Testimonials from juniors Ed taught who are tour professionals

Ally Tidcombe, PGA Tour Latin America member, four time college All American, winner Nova Scotia Amateur:

"Ed, you have done more for me than I ever could have dreamed of. you have pushed me, inspired me, and allowed me to grow as a golfer, but more importantly, an individual. You're my role model"

Eric Banks, PGA MacKenzie Tour, Winner Nova Scotia Amateur, Second Canadian Nationals, U of Florida scholarship

"Ed has been essential to the development of countless golfers; myself included. His holistic approach is beneficial for any player, especially aspiring Juniors. A balance of swing mechanics, course management and mental clarity are focal points of his instruction. I was able to achieve many of my goals as an elite Junior player due to his guidance. Ed’s knowledge is vast and wisdom is endless. If you want to improve your game, Ed is the answer."

Myles Chreighton, Winner of the presigious Rice Planters Invitational, Nova Scotia Amateur, multiple collegiate winner

"Working with you from a young age really allowed me to excel early on in my junior days. You not only taught me about more than golf, but also taught me the golf swing which has really helped me develop as a player. Being in a great learning environment with you from a young age really set the groundwork for what my swing is today. Thanks for everything, Ed"!


 In 2007, Ed taught in the Kingdom of Bhutan, in the Himalayan mountains. Notice the home-made club!