Awareness Golf

`Emptiness and luminosity, the nature of mind, are inseperable from awareness'

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NEW TO Awareness Golf: the KCOACH

2019 KCoach Special Swing Assessment: $99+hst

Private Lessons and KCoach assessment:  Click here to book on-line, or call 902-450-0111

Private Lesson with Ed, or PGA Staff: $79The lesson is 40 minutes long, and includes split-screen video. The first lesson is sent to the student, with instructor’s voice instructions. Take an MRI of your golf swing and ball flight with the FLIGHTSCOPE.

Series of 3: $199

Series of 5: $349

Nine-Week Program plus one-hour swing assessmeny with KCoach, Starts in January $474 (The Saturday 10,11, and 12:00 classes are filled. There is room in the 10:00 Wednesday class) Click here to book the Wednesday at 10:00 class starting in January

Semi-Private, two person lessons: $130 ($65 each person)

One hour session, (weekdays only)

Series of three semi private: $350

Three or more person Group sessions:1 hour $50 each person, with a 6 person max.*This can make for a great corporate outing as we can tailor an event just for your particular needs.

The TRAPPER. Hit piercing irons



HST not included


Go to Golf Schools for longer programs