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Dear Ed,
I thought I should check in with some thanks having had the best nine holes in years at Chester yesterday. It took a while, but after a half dozen sessions at the range and a half dozen rounds, your good instruction seems to be clicking in. WT

Hello Ed,
I cannot explain what happened but the third round I stopped thinking and just started to swing the club, remembering only the correct grip. Low and behold it worked and in spite of moments of losing it I finished with a 95. Sunday was the real miracle, in spite of missing three putts within 2 feet, I scored 2 birdies and six pars to finish with a 92. Two of the leaders faltered and I ended up winning the tournament and collecting the “Green Jacket”. One particular hold, number 6 (480 yards par 5) I was pin high in two and missed a chip in eagle by an inch
I cannot wait to get out again, I feel that 89-88-87 coming on.

Dear Ed,
I thought I should check in with some thanks having had the best nine holes in years at Chester yesterday. It took a while, but after a half dozen sessions at the range and a half dozen rounds, your good instruction seems to be clicking in. WT

Just an update. I have been participating in a golf outing with men from my church for 22 consecutive years. Sometimes to Myrtle Beach and others to Pinehurst. This year to Roanoke, VA.
Anyway, last year I was still on crutches and wheelchair and I went anyway and drove the cart for others. This past week I went on the 2014 trip.

Although we played 5 rounds, we only kept individual score for three of them. Although I hit from the red tees (Max drive is about 160 yards, I scored a 94, 93, and 89. Not bad for an old one legged guy. Getting better the more I play. Balance on these hilly courses was the biggest issue, but I made it and had a great time.
Thanks for your help and encouragement.

Jack & I did well yesterday at my club mixed championship!
We won the Low Net for Division 4!

Hi Ed. Thanks for the lesson the other day.
Over 2 rounds I hit the ball straight and easily gained 30 yards. Pointing the butt end down the fairway on the follow through really helped me. I found that if I quickly turned my wrists over, I ended up there naturally. I think I finally realize what releasing the club means!!!Thanks again.
PS others in my foursome may now be looking for a lesson!

Hi Ed,
Thanks to your instruction I’m driving the ball much better. I’m getting more distance and hitting more fairways. Hope to see you again soon, Thank you,Jack

Hi Ed,
I just wanted to thank you for the lesson I took two weeks ago. I have much more control and distance off the tee. I hit 150 balls at the range yesterday, only 6 went left with most going straight down the middle way beyond the 200 yard marker. Couldn't be more pleased with the results. You were quite right, it wasn't major surgery I needed!

Hey Ed,
I played yesterday, my driver went REALLY well, too well in some cases because I ran out of fairway!

Hi Ed. Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you again and let you know the positive impact your lesson has had on my game. After the one small change you suggested, my drive has not sliced once and I actually won the most accurate drive contest in a recent scramble tourney.
For a recreational golfer, it has made all the difference. Here come the 70s :)
All the best,

Just dropping you a line. Thank you very very much for your instruction! Today I shot 38/36 for 74!...MK

Seamus called from the golf course just now to say he reached his summer goal of breaking 90...shot an 87 today. He was quite pleased with his round

Quick note to thank you for your fantastic lesson today.
It all made so much sense! I feel there was just the right amount of information (not complicated deluge, as some teachers might provide) to get me back on track and hitting the ball better than ever before.
Fraternally in golf and with much gratitude, MB.

Dear Ed, I wanted to send you a note to thank you for all the help you have given me over the years. This year I was really lucky and through the Kevin Haime Junior Golf Initiative been able to join the Royal Ottawa Golf Club. I am currently in the process of qualifying for the junior intersectional team. Had you not helped me with my golf I have no doubt I would be where I am today. Two weeks ago I came 9th in my first tournament of the year and last week I was asked to try out for the men’s intersectional team. DM

Hi Ed,
Just wanted to let you know that I hit a ball 282 yards on a launch monitor last night.....not bad for a 40 year old guy who weighs 155 pounds and is 5"9" tall......
Thanks, SM

Hi Ed... Just have to let you know the "noodle" and your swing instructions have completely changed my drives off the tee for the better. I'm so much more confident and along with a new Tour Exotics draw driver, I've just about eliminated my slice 99% of the time (the odd remission pops up when I swing too hard/fast). Would like to sign up for the 3 lesson package deal so see you soon. Best regards - SH

I just wanted to thank both of you for the excellent instruction you have given me. Right from the start, but in particular I want to talk about this winter.
You guys identified and corrected some very fundamental flaws, most of which I have probably have had for 40 years of playing...KD

Hey Ed,
How are you doing? Just wanted to say that I shot my best score ever yesterday at Penn Hills! 95! Would love to get back in the studio to learn some more!

Ed, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the lesson. I cannot believe what I was doing and how quickly you corrected it. I have played twice since and have never hit the ball so well with such little effort. I am really getting the hang of it and when I birdied a par 5 I was thrilled! I am not getting the left bounce and the ball is rolling forward giving me more distance and accuracy. I will continue to work on this and hopefully see you again in a few weeks. It has really helped my alignment and confidence….sticking irons close and hitting that driver like I mean it!
I didn’t shoot the lights out but my extra strokes were putts… tee game and fairway shots were very encouraging. So...THANK YOU!!!!SM

Hi Ed. I was in a few weeks ago and have been practicing my new swing and have got very used to it now. I play me first game since the lesson and shot a 86. I also got a hole in 1 at Paragon #7. Things are working and I see improvements getting off the tee and mentally more sound. Thanks TA

Ed, Just wanted to give you some feedback about how the results of the lessons have gone so far this year.Like last year, your last minute tip this year (using my feet to drive back my hips and initiate the backswing/downswing and letting the arms follow) has been a great help. Last year it was tempo; we worked on dropping the club in the slot most of this year; the feet came on the last day.But I have been able to do it, and I cannot believe how much more distance I have. Probably averaging 10 to 20 yds with the driver, and my three wood just explodes down range. Less improvement as the loft gets higher, and my 9 iron and PW are about the same distance as last year, but that is something I can adjust for. And my overall consistency is much better, so flubs are almost all gone, and mis-hits are down. I make much more solid contact with the ball. I still have a fade as my shot shape, have not been able to hit a draw, but that I can live with.80 at the Old Course was the mythical barrier Burt and I were trying so hard to break last year - I did it once, with a 79. I have broken 80 at the Old Course every time I have played so far this year (12 times), and have shot 75 twice. I am close to breaking 75 there.I had never broken 85 at the New Course, but last week I shot 81.Handicap factor has gone from 12.7 to 9.5.So I am very pleased. But I can be even better, so I will be back to see you. At least next January, but I might book a mid-season check-up with you.By the way, Burt has also broken 80 twice at the OC this year, and broke 75 once. It is interesting that, although we have worked on very different things in our swings, and he still hits the draw, our games are becoming more and more alike and we trade shots back and forth ("asked and answered"). That is a lot of fun.

LCdr Kenneth J. Cooper CD


Thanks again for the great lesson....I really enjoyed the day and I have my clubs in the car to take with me to Cape Breton this week!

Good Morning Ed,

Thank you so much for the lesson yesterday. It is always a pleasure learning from you, you have great energy and such a passion for teaching.
Thank you again !

Hi Ed:Some feedback to you as you were asking. Went to driving range today.Had the best session of ball striking in my life. Not sure about distances, but the ball flight is just great. Ball flys straight almost every time with every club and the trajectory is much higher. No stubby shots at all, not that many pulls, and not many fades. No hooks or slices at all. Mostly just straight shots and almost identical trajectories. Even the driver is good, nice and straight and just looks longer or at least as long as in past years. Much more authority and consistency in the ball flight. I have never hit so many identical shots in my life. So I am very happy with that, even if my distance is not any longer. Hope I can keep this up for the whole year and not let bad habits creep back in. Also hope I can take this from the range to the course, but I am pretty confident that I will. I just seem to know much more about how to swing the club now and where the club face is.So thanks again and I will keep you updated on how things go. KC

Hi Ed. I wanted to say a big thanks for the help with my driver. I am hitting the ball further than I ever have - with so much less effort. It feels so good to approach a tee box with confidence again. Thanks Again. See You soon Dale

Thanks for the session yesterday. I Just eagled #3. Felt great. Thanks again, SD

Ed, thanks for lesson on Friday. This new release is amazing!! I feel working the ball is incredibly easy now. Launch angle control with driver is great too. See you soon. Ben

Hi Ed. I put my right hand back where it belonged and hook....NP

Of the 20 or so swings on tape I have kept above or on the plane on every swing(driver is a bit below but OK.)have been hitting drives up to 40 yards longer than last year and am seeing increase with the (old) irons as well.Still a bit too much left but having some successes as well. Thanks again,Dan

Hi Ed,

Great lesson today, I enjoyed it.

On the way home I was thinking about the drills, the plane circle you showed me, and the video showing how much I dropped inside as I transitioned from my backswing. And I got to thinking that my main problem is that I am so inside the plane BEFORE I hit the ball, it is going to be more difficult than need be to accomplish swinging left.

So I went to the range and hit a couple of buckets where I tried not to drop inside the plane AND swing left. I think I got it, and I really got into quite a groove. In fact, twice the person next to me said "wow, you are really swinging awesome."...KD

Ed, that last lesson has transformed my 3 wood. Thanks a lot. I am now hitting it 250-260 every time if not further. Thanks,MS

Hi Ed -

First off, big fan of your work. I ordered the Wright Swing DVD some time ago and always pop it when when struggling with my game. It's helped quite a bit, and the messages and delivery make sense. Brad

Hello Ed ,Jamie and I played in the KenWo mixed tournament yesterday and placed 2nd in gross score in the 3rd division . All thanks to you .See you next week for a lesson. MR

The meditation has helped my on course mental game. I keep letting thoughts come and go just as quickly as they appear, working on having the brain uncluttered. I will continue to practise this method as I think even with my basic knowledge of how it works, seems to be effective for me and how I cope with stress or distractions. Thanks again for the meditation lesson.

Thanks for the golf lesson - really appreciate your positive presence. I shot one-over on eight holes at Brightwood late last night starting at 7:20pm - including parring 3 of the 4 hardest holes. Less pull/draw on approach shots when I set the grip less strong, and try to keep the club head square at impact.

Have a great day.robr

Ed, lesson yet.
I felt great hitting the basket you gave me.
See you soon.

Hi Ed. Hope all's well with you. Congratulations on being recognized for your great golf instruction.

Hi Ed:
Congrats on your recent provincial award & good luck in the national teacher of the year competition. Well deserved.

Hi Ed, Just a quick email to say congratulations on winning Atlantic teacher of the year, again. We were so excited for you....D&J

Maybe I won't have to play with the old ladies next year after all! The lesson, with change to swing plane, did marvels.

Thanks, Wayne

Hi Ed
Went out Saturday, shot 79 with 4 double bogeys, Irons were very good and like you said my new miss is to the left and not short to the right. Thanks again for the help

Hi Ed

I just wanted to comment on my personal results of your short game school at Penn Hills. Your advice on cutting 2" off of the shaft plus the putting principles that were addressed have given rounds of 27 and 29 putts..

Just want to thank you again for the great lesson Ed . Jamie had an Eagle on the 4th hole at Penn Hills following the lesson.

After years of complaining about the wicked relationship that I had with my wedge, your “short course clinic” , completely changed my mind

Thanks Ed, The mental game tips about breathing and staying patient really helped and i stayed calmer than normal

Hey Ed, I took your advice about taking 10 drives and putting some pressure on myself. I ended up going 3/10 the first time and 6/10 the second

Hey Ed, today I shot 76, I'm not far from shooting par - its coming.

I scrambled really well today. On 14 I pull hooked my tee shot into the woods than punched out to 200 yards

Thanks Ed!

Hey all you slicers out there... don't give up! I took up this game 6 years ago and because of my highly competitive nature, I was scoring between 95 and 110 on a fairly consistent basis at the end of my first season. By my third year I broke 90 a couple of times and was playing with (and competitive with) my friends that had been playing for 20 to 30 years.

I never did hit the ball very far, maybe 160 or 170 at the most off the tee and I always had a bit of a slice. But at the end of my third year my slice completely over came me and I started shooting in the 100's pretty well all the time. The harder I tied to hit it straight the more I sliced the ball. This lasted for the next couple of seasons and (as I found out from the many different instructors I sought help from) was due to a severely weak grip. Every time I went for a lesson the instructor would take one look mat me and say that I had the worst open club face problem they had ever seen and was due to my week grip. So you would think that the problem was solved...Right? Just roll my hands over to a strong grip and start hitting the ball long and straight. Not so easy.Holding the club with a strong grip felt so strange and uncomfortable that I kept switching back to the weak grip and slicing like a mad man. This year was the worst.At the end of the summer I went to see a teacher that I had seen years ago when I was first starting out. His name was Ed Hanczaryk. I told Ed that I did not want to switch my grip but wanted to stop slicing. He told me that he could straighten me out but if I wanted to get any distance I would sooner or later have to switch to a strong grip. He gave my a drill to try and with in 5 swings my slice was gone. UNBELIEVABLE. I played my next 6 rounds in the low 90's and broke 90 twice. However, I was still only hitting the ball 160 to 170 off the tee. I kept remembering what Ed had said about hitting the ball longer with a strong grip and in October I went back for another lesson. This time he gave me a drill to ingrain the strong grip into my muscle memory. I played my last 4 rounds still in the low 90's/high 80's but now I was hitting the ball 200 or more yards off the tee. I think I needed to get there in steps and I think Ed recognized this. I called him every time I made a breakthrough to tell him how much more fun I was having and to thank him and I also felt that I should share my experience with the golfing community. Thanks again Ed and good luck this winter

Bruce V.

Hi Ed,

Today was the first day that I played since my lesson. We played Avon Valley. I hit every fairway except for two where I was just in the rough, but no trouble. I was hitting the ball on almost every drive to places I had never been before. Remarkable. I feel that we are extremely fortunate to have a golf instructor with your abilities, here in Halifax. I have had lessons from other pro's, but none like you. You are the BEST!! See you soon so we can work on my iron play. Thank you


Ed I'd just like to take this moment to express my thanks and appreciation for our relationship, your patience and continued efforts throughout the years.While my swing and game have improved every year, I really think this winter things really came together (at least I don't throw up anymore when I see myself on video.....sometimes I even look close to a tour player). For me being a very analytical person it's very important to know that I'm working on the right things and it's more important to fully trust someone with something that's so very important to me.So many of the things you've stressed since day one (the fundamentals), that I sometimes didn't really pay attention to, or quickly forgot in my rush to do what I thought was important (undoubtedly taking more time than I should have) you've always very patiently kept steering me back too, without putting a negative spin on what I was doing..... even if you had to tell me the same thing twelve different ways till I finally got it. I thought that our most recent lesson was a wonderful learning experience and already it's paying big dividends.You've been my instructor since I first got serious about golf and when I look back at the early photos, lessons and tapes throughout the years and see the number of changes and significant progress we've made, I realize just how lucky I am to have found such a great teacher. As you know golf is not an easy endeavor and I'm just now beginning to understand complexities, similarities with life and that it's a life long journey with many highs and lows, interwoven with our goals and dreams......... but a life spent chasing dreams is a great life....even if you never catch them.

KC, Dartmouth, NS

Hi Ed I was so excited I just had to drop you a short E-mail played a round yesterday and almost all my misses were hooks, except with my longer clubs but heh it's progress. I think I understand the loading up you taught me much better and was hitting much more powerful shots. Thanks for your help , talk to you soon

On the last Short-Game/Mind-Game SchoolKaren and I would like to thank you and your staff at Penn Hills for a great short game / head game course today. It was not only very informative it was a great time. By the way my new "happy thought" to get into my body is "Get Ed in your head". This is the best game improvement investment you can make (for the price of four dozen balls)Will highly recommend to all golfing friends.This is an Excellent Golf School for all levels of players. Instructors really know how to teach to players of all levels.

Ron Parker

I've been playing occasionally over the past 5 to 6 years averaging around 100. With just taking the `breaking 100' lesson in the fall, I have finally been able to break 100, mainly from understanding the proper positioning of the golf swing at impact. I now average around 92. Can't wait for next season!

Darryl MacDonald

You have helped my golf game IMMENSELY...not exactly shooting par (!) YET...however I've been playing well with my husband Charles in our little scrambles and tournaments...we've consistently been in the top three teams in the last five or six outings!!:} YAY!!! totally different mindset now... THANKS!!!!!

daisy :}

Hi Ed, I thought I would let you know that I shot 73 and 73 on the Old and New courses in the Ashburn club championship last weekend and finished 7th. I hit 16 greens – so you can see that it is my putting that needs work now. Thanks for your help.


Ed; I just wanted to let you know that Alexa and I played nine on Monday and she had an outstanding game. Her ball striking was the best and most consistent that she's had - long and straight, hole after hole. Highlight was the index one sixth where she put a three wood almost down the bottom of the ravine (although it was from the ladies tee and it's down hill at the end, her drive was still in the 220 range). She followed this with a down slope five wood which she hit pure and with tremendous height given the slope. Short pitch in put her at the back of the green. She ended up with a fifty on the front with some three putts and two topped fairway wood shots keeping her from the mid forties. She was certainly pleased. The adjustments you made to her swing plain were noticeable and effective. Another positive note - on the range before she was spraying things off to the right, but made her own adjustments, turning more on the way down. She figured it out herself, and the changes held for the entire nine holes. The problem is I don't know if I can keep giving her a stroke a hole. We had two four hole matches and it was no contest. Thanks again. You're calming and encouraging approach is much appreciated.

Alex Keay-Murray

Dear Ed, I just wanted to thank you for helping me out with my game. My lesson definitely helped. I had my lowest score ever when we were in P.E.I. We played at Eagles Glen twice. The first time my score was 130 and the second time it was 114! I almost even had a birdie! Thanks again.

Bonnie Pettipas

Played Oakfield today. Last game I was pin high 3" left of hole in one on #5. Today I landed 3 feet from the pin and it ran 3 feet past it and may have rubbed the stick. THANKS ED. Your teaching and my PRACTICE over the past month has improved my game and my desire to PLAY. I am having fun again!

Geno Sajko

I have read books, watched videos and been to lessons for many years in my quest to improve my golf swing. In all that time I have never had such great advice as the tips in your archive on "Arms & Body Swing on the Same Plane" and "Wrist Cock". For years I had the concepts embodied in these two articles so wrong. The difference to my game now is immense. Thank you very much.

Allan Travers

Ed, Just a brief note to let you know that your lesson on Friday on the short game, - wedge play - payed off in a big way. I shot a 97 yesterday at Hartlen Point and if not for some huge mistakes it should have been 90!!! Your a great teacher!! Thanks Again


Dear Ed, Lately I have been having a hard time breaking 100. I took a lesson from you yesterday, and following the instructions to the best of my ability, and shot 85. Many thanks.

Greg Boudreau

I am an under 100 golfer and on a good day can shoot low mid 80's. I also tend to go through some bad patches where I seem to develop a bad hook or slice. Before seeing Ed I had no idea how to correct these problems when they occurred. After a couple of lessons with Ed I developed a reference to know what is happening and a means to correct the mistakes I am making. It's stopped the bad patches from staying around for long and made the game much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Ed.

Sandy Hines

I always wanted to golf but never had the opportunity until about four years ago. At 37 I decided to do lessons to start on the correct path. The best decision I ever made was to go to Ed. His method of teaching is not only enjoyable but is done in such a way to address the unique needs of each individual. The winter sessions I found to be the most rewarding, come spring I would be ready to hit the course with the mental and physical tools to tackle another season. The final reward was watching my scores go from the 100's to the 90's and on a good day into the 80's. Ready to go for another session of winter lessons.

Rick Williams

I was overjoyed when my husband asked me to start playing golf with him after 15 years of marriage. But my joy turned to despair after he started giving me lessons. The more my husband tried to help, the worse I got. So I went to the professional at our club. This so-called golf professional was clearly disinterested, and he did not help me at all. I was ready to quit golf when my best friend recommended Ed Hanczaryk. In our first lesson, Ed had me hitting 7-irons in the air. I have gotten better since then. In my last 9-hole round, I made two pars. I even beat my husband on a hole. THANK YOU, ED!

Dottie Moore

Regarding the 10 week indoor program: The best ten hours I ever invested in.

Richard Ramey

I met Ed just over two years ago. My goal was to break 100 on a consistent basis. With Ed's direction and coaching and the split-screen teaching aid he uses to assist in learning, I discovered one or two things that prevented me from achieving this goal. Ed's coaching for both my full swing and my short game gave me the confidence and skill I needed achieve the goal. Now it's to break 90!

Gary Cox

Ed Hanczaryk, a Shambhala Golfer from the beginning, is a highly respected teaching professional now living in Nova Scotia. Our discussions about working with body, mind, and emotions in golf were the start of my coaching career. That was a long time and a lot of lessons ago. Thanks for everything, Ed.

Dr. Joe Parent (author of Zen Golf, and coach to Vijay Singh)

With Ed’s help, I improved considerably this past year. More importantly, I enjoy the challenges of the game again.I was a decent player in my youth. Over the years, my skills and confidence eroded. In Ed, I have found a coach that put me back on the road to enjoyment. During our very first lesson, he spotted a problem in my swing and provided a practical drill to correct the problem. The improvement in my shot making was immediate. Subsequent lessons have advanced my game even further.I can relate to Ed’s style—he conveys the message in terms of feel and images. Now when I approach a difficult shot, I envision the possibility of success rather than the fear of failure. Ed Hanczaryk has restored my confidence.

Paul Stanley

A few years ago I had become so disgusted with my style of play that I wanted to give up golf - after playing for forty years. The golf course had become an unpleasant place to be. Ed Hanczaryk coaxed me and coached me back to my senses. He taught me to enjoy my swing and enjoy the game again. Ed knows why we play the game and he never fails to help players find their own was of being on a golf course. With his help and encouragement, this year I played the best golf I’ve played since I was a teenager.

Barry Boyce

Maybe I won't have to play with the old ladies next year after all! The lesson, with change to swing plane, did marvels.In next two rounds, I lost only 2 balls total, vs 6+ per round last week. And my irons were much better, with almost complete release. Not perfect, still a work in progress. I hope the in-out path is better, but I never know - the ball is going farther and straighter anyway.And my score dropped over 16 shots per round at the Old Course from last Tuesday to today. Not bad!Thanks, Wayne

A great radio program from Paul Kennedy's Ideas program:

Recent Testimonials

Hi Ed; Just wanted to let you know that the lessons Mary and I took from you in early February really paid off for us on our Florida winter vacation. Both of us have shaved strokes off of our game. Can't wait to attend your "short Game" School on our return in May. R&M

`I had to let you know that I golfed 4 rounds this week (in Florida) and I did hit my driver very well! Each round got better and I managed to shot 98 my last day! The noodle worked! Thank you Ed for all your patience and kindness and of course your coaching!' NM

`Hi Ed, just wanted to let you know that I was in earlier hitting balls and I stopped into Golftown afterwards to check my swing speed. I had lots of swings over 100mph and hit a handful of balls over 260y down the middle!'

Thanks SM

`I wanted to let you know how well I've been doing since our last lesson, what you showed me in regards to squaring my clubface was game changing for me, thanks again'

Hi Ed, just wanted to let you know that the first nine out were fantastic-I was even hitting the evil 5 wood long & straight. The 18km run caught up with me on the back 9 & it went to pieces from there, but at least I knew what I was doing wrong, just too tired to correct it. My grip was great throughout the round and almost all of my shots Very pleased with my progress so far but we definitely need to work on my short game some more. Thanks again , Karen

Hi Ed, I worked on the club dropping today. It took the better part of an hour but I was able to find it. What I noticed was if I turn my hips properly back, it's easy to drop my hands. It's almost as though the hip bump\turn drags my hands down to my left hip. Then POW solid & straight. DM

Hey Ed...three years in...single digit hdcp...greatest reduction award, three scores in the 70's...won my very first team scramble...

your methods work...cant wait til 2013.... Patrick

 Driver seems to be working.
84 at penn hills today. No triples and lots of missed putts.
Thx, ...DA

Hello Ed. Thanks for the clear and simple lesson today. I feel better about things already....EM


The "Wright Swing" is excellent.
Congratulations on putting it together.
I especially liked Norrie's point about consciously focusing on the right trigger finger to create lag. 
This is a profound reminder for golfers -- most of
whom are afflicted with "monkey mind" -- to focus properly. 
my best... jlr

Hi Ed, Thanks so much for the great lessons I received the last few weeks. I thought you would be interested to know that I came in low net for the field at the Ashburn Ladies Club Championship. I played my personal best at The New Course which was 107 and tied my personal best at the Old Course with a 103 (45 on the front …so the back was a bit rough). I kept the “ball in play” thought on the tee and the spider hands on all the tee and fairway shots and it really helped. Many thanks and look forward to seeing for some more lessons soon M S

Please know how much I have enjoyed your unpretentious, clear and insightful videos.
What's especially nice is your light-hearted "metaphorical" approach.
Dazzling metaphors -- comparing two things that are seemingly unrelated -- reside at the core of creative thinking such as yours!
And that's precisely what golfers need: Visual mental-models that simplify the complex and that make the strange -- familiar.
my best... j r
Ed, that last lesson has transformed my 3 wood. Thanks a lot. I am now hitting it 250-260 every time if not further.
Hi Ed -
First off, big fan of your work. I ordered the Wright Swing DVD some time ago and always pop it when when struggling with my game. It's helped quite a bit, and the messages and delivery make sense.
Hello Ed ,

Jamie and I played in the KenWo mixed tournament yesterday and placed 2nd in gross score in the 3rd division . All thanks to you .

See you next week for a lesson . MR

The meditation has helped my on course mental game. I keep letting thoughts come and go just as quickly as they appear, working on having the brain uncluttered. I will continue to practise this method as I think even with my basic knowledge of how it works, seems to be effective for me and how I cope with stress or distractions. Thanks again for the meditation lesson.

Thanks for the golf lesson - really appreciate your positive presence. I shot one-over on eight holes at Brightwood late last night starting at 7:20pm - including parring 3 of the 4 hardest holes. Less pull/draw on approach shots when I set the grip less strong, and try to keep the club head square at impact.

Have a great day.robr

Ed, lesson yet.
I felt great hitting the basket you gave me.
See you soon.

The TRAPPER. Hit piercing irons